After 3 long years in Portland, OR, we are finally heading back HOME!

Here's a few obvious reasons why we are moving back to California...

It's been tough getting used to the Oregon lifestyle, especially for Natalie. So this move excites us more than anything. We miss the sunshine, our friends and of course our families. As they say, "you don't know what you're missing until you're gone". It's amazing how true this statement became for us.

But in all honesty, this is where our small family began and we'll always cherish the memories that were created. We will definitely miss the friendships we have made here in Oregon. We want to thank every one who has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcomed and comforted during our time here. We will miss you all so much and hope our friendships continue to grow despite the distance separating us.

We kindly ask for your prayers during this transition. We have a lot of preparation to do in a short amount of time. Our house will be going up for lease starting next week. If you know of any families looking to rent please let us know. We also have TONS of furniture to sell. If anyone is interested in new couches, tables, a poker/dining table, etc let us know. Thanks so much!

Josh, Natalie & Nyla Breeze

But now... we let the countdown to moving day begin!!!! April 17, 2011